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How to get a flawless base 101

Flawless Base
September 24, 2022

Making a mess of your base is the biggest error you can make when applying your makeup. To get skin that is perfect, it requires time and effort to blend and set your base properly. There is no shortcut to achieving a flawless base, from selecting the proper tools and makeup to properly caring for your skin. So, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes because we’ve outlined five easy steps to getting a flawless base for an Insta-ready look!

Step 1 – Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin
Cleanse, tone, and moisturise are the three cardinal principles of having healthy, moisturised skin. Your makeup will look spotty and uneven if you have dry or dehydrated skin. So, in order to perfect your base, you must first begin by performing your fundamental CTM programme. To remove pollutants and debris, start by cleaning your skin with a gentle, soap-free cleanser first. Then use a toner afterward to assist further clean your skin and tighten your pores. Finish it off by hydrating and moisturising your skin with a light moisturiser so that the skin becomes smooth and supple and gives you a flawless look.

Step 2 – Prime your skin
You need to apply a layer of primer to your face after preparing your skin. Choose a primer like the MOIRA Beautifying Glow Oil which is a long-lasting oil that melts into the skin with Camellia Extract to nourish, hydrate, and add a healthy glow to boost any look. Highly condensed natural ingredients create the ultimate canvas for your makeup to glide smoothly without feeling greasy or sticky. The blend of Almond, Apricot, and Jojoba oil shields your makeup with a luxurious aromatic formula. If you have oily skin you can also opt for the complete facial primer which has three different variations like the smoothing primer, the mattifying primer or the pore vanishing primer whose creamy and lightweight formula controls shine and helps prepare the skin for a flawless makeup application.

Step 3 – Apply your foundation
The exciting phase is about to begin: applying your foundation. Apply a full coverage foundation on your face and neck, such as the Moira Complete Wear Foundation. The foundation should then be blended outwards, toward your ears, using a foundation brush or a damp beauty sponge. You can make a faultless, streak-free base by doing this. You don’t have to worry about finding your ideal match because this foundation is available in 15 different hues that suit all skin tones.

Step 4 – Conceal to perfection
Have obstinate flaws that continue to show through? A quality concealer, such as the Moira Mega Waterproof Concealer is required. This concealer, which is available in nine shades and can help you hide all of your imperfections, dark circles, and discoloration. Apply it only where you need extra coverage, such as on spots and blemishes and the undereye area.

Step 5 – Set your base
The final stage only requires that you apply a small layer of the Moira Loose setting powder according to your skin tone. The powder helps the base last longer by helping to set the foundation and remove extra makeup for a more natural look. To set your base, take a sizable fluffy brush, swirl it in the tub, and softly brush it over your entire face. Pro tip: Try jamsu, the wildly popular K-beauty fad, if you’re ready to go the additional mile for a flawless base. Simply finish your routine and after that, submerge your face for 15 to 20 seconds in icy water. Close your eyes as the cold water helps remove extra makeup and leaves you with a base that is admired by everyone.

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